About Weatherghan.com

Weatherghan.com is the product of my own frustration making a temperature afghan for my daughter. I knew there had to be an easier way, and Weatherghan is just that. Simply enter the year you want to use and the zipcode of the location, and Weatherghan gives you either a PDF or a printable page that you can use to create your afghan.

Our Color Scale

Based on a traditional rainbow, our scale goes from red to purple, where red is warmest and purple is coldest. Currently, it is a fixed scale that uses the highest temperature of a given day.

Range in F Range in C Color Name Color
Above 100° Above 37° maroon
89° to 99° 32° to 36° red
78° to 88° 26° to 31° orange
67° to 78° 20° to 25° yellow
66° to 54° 13° to 19° green
53° to 44° 7° to 12° lime
43° to 33° 1° to 6° aqua
32° to 22° 0° to -5° teal
21° to 1° -6° to -11° purple
Less than 0° Less than -12° lavender

Icons downloaded from The Noun Project.
Credit belongs to:

persona by Yu luck from the Noun Project

QA by Sergey Novosyolov from the Noun Project

ball of yarn by Виталий Плут from the Noun Project